Advanced Driver Training


Reduces Your Fleet Accident Rate

Helps Keep Your Drivers Safe
Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

Fleet Safety

Since 1983, ADTS has been bringing together all of the components you need to protect your fleet drivers and your bottom line — with a diverse line of fleet driver safety training solutions proven to reduce vehicle crash rates. ADTS clients typically reduce their crash rates 30% to 60% or more.

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Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

How adts can
help your fleet

As the leader in fleet safety training, ADTS fleet safety training programs and services give you the tools necessary to have a positive impact on your company's bottom line. Most importantly, ADTS training helps keep your drivers safe so that they can return home safely at the end of their work day.

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Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

Why Choose

Your company is unique. Our customer service and flexibility are the keys to providing the exact type of training and services that fit your organization. This ensures that your fleet drivers receive the training that is necessary to reduce YOUR company's accident rate, and make sure your people get home safely every day.

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Step #1

Identify your most common collisions

Step #2

Identify your "High Risk" drivers

Step #3

Secure Top Management support

Step #4

Schedule your drivers for ADTS training
Behind the wheel fleet safety training




ADTS has carefully designed, updated and inserted multiple COVID-19 safety precautions into all of our programs. With employees beginning to drive more miles, contact us for details on how you can continue to safely and EFFECTIVELY offer Advanced Driver Training to lower your company crash rate.***


Thank you very much for visiting our site! If, after looking at our site, you have any questions that you need answered please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


One thing we have found in over 30 years of fleet driver safety training is that in the long run, a decision to provide ADTS training for your drivers results in fewer crashes, fewer injuries, less downtime AND a sizable savings to the company's bottom line!


Call us now at 1-800-486-2387 and let ADTS start helping you and your company!



The Mission Statement of Advanced Driver Training Services

Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc.(ADTS) will strive to provide the best fleet driver training and safety services possible.


We will work hard for our customers and be as flexible as possible.


We will employ only the finest staff members that possess a high moral value and have excellent interpersonal skills.

ADTS will charge a fair price for all of our services.



what we provide


Our training is not generic. We design the training program that will BEST address YOUR needs.


Our online scheduling database, set up for YOUR company, ensures ease of scheduling and reporting


ALL ADTS staff are at your disposal. We pride ourselves in providing great customer service.


With ADTS training you WILL save your drivers from injury and save money for your company.