Steps to a Safe Fleet

steps for a safe fleet - Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

Step #1 - identify Your Most Common Collisions

ADTS will help you identify what type of collisions your fleet is experiencing most often. We customize the training to fit the specific needs of YOUR drivers.  This leads to safer drivers and much better results.  Why would you use an "off the shelf" program that does not zero in on your needs? ADTS training is not generic. This sets ADTS apart from those that offer open enrollment programs and offer a "one-size fits all" program that may or may not address your needs. 







high risk driver - Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

Step #2 - identify Your High Risk Drivers

This is an area where an almost immediate impact can be made.  The "80–20" rule applies here. Typically 80% of the collisions involve 20% of your drivers.  ADTS can help you identify those drivers and reduce those collisions, and you will achieve immediate and substantial results.
Your "High Risk" drivers are not only those that have had multiple moving violations and accidents. Your NEW HIRES are also at substantial risk because of the fact that they usually are fresh to a territory and do not know the area and have a thousand things on their mind because they want to do good at their new position. They usually are under a great deal of pressure.






management support - Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

Step #3 - Secure Top Management Support

If you identify your most common crashes and your high risk drivers, and then take that information to upper management, there is a far greater chance of obtaining the support you need in order to launch an effective driver safety initiative.  Work the math, let them know what this will mean with regards to monetary savings as well as employee well being and quality of life issues. 







schedule - Fleet Safety - Advanced Driver Training Services, Inc. (ADTS)

Step #4 - Schedule Your Drivers For ADTS Training

You have done the work and now comes the actual implementation of the initiative.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where it is now the job of the ADTS driver safety experts to do their job and train your drivers in proper safe driving techniques and convincing the drivers that they have a responsibility to be safe.  Safe driving involves both good skills and a good attitude towards safety. ADTS is excellent at helping drivers with both.  ADTS has a long, successful history of helping organizations achieve their fleet driver safety goals.

Now, let ADTS help YOU!